Fox in a Red Hen House

President Trump has weighed in on the story about the restaurant that refused service to Sarah Huckabee Sanders (did you think he could resist?). He described the outside of the restaurant as filthy (it’s clean) and in bad need of paint job (it’s not), and explained, “I always had a rule, if a restaurant is dirty on the outside, it is dirty on the inside!” (Funny, I have a related rule about administrations…)

+ The owner of the Red Hen did a pretty good job of summarizing this moment in time in America: “I’m not a huge fan of confrontation. I have a business, and I want the business to thrive. This feels like the moment in our democracy when people have to make uncomfortable actions and decisions to uphold their morals.”

+ However one feels about a restaurant owner’s decision to serve or not to serve administration officials, I think we can all agree it’s a hell of a lot more loco that administration officials like Kirstjen Nielsen would choose this moment to satisfy a craving for Mexican food.

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