What to Watch: David Letterman and his beard have been hosting a Netflix show called My Next Guest Needs No Introduction. In the latest installment, Dave interviews the person who (quite surprisingly) has become the greatest interviewer around. Here’s Dave and Howard Stern. And for a more from this pair, here’s Howard interviewing the person who became (quite surprisingly) the best late night host ever. Howard Stern and Dave.

+ What to Read:: “The murder of Mickey Bryan, a quiet fourth-grade teacher, stunned her small Texas town. Then her husband, a beloved high school principal, was charged with killing her. Did he do it, or had there been a terrible mistake?” ProPublica with a two part story: Blood Will Tell. Here’s part two.

+ What to Ignore:: “The way to disempower Trump is to ignore him, but it’s too hard even for his opponents to do it. It has to be a pure attention battle. If you were another network and Trump was I Love Lucy, what do you do? You can’t necessarily spend all your time criticizing I Love Lucy because that will just build it up. You need your own programming and to develop your own characters and celebrities who have to be as interesting and compelling. You need to have your own show. And I don’t think Democrats have their own show other than the I Hate Trump show.” Vanity Fair’s Peter Hamby on the only fight that matters.