Flat Chance

Anyone in the news business should be willing to publicly share their biases, so here’s one from me: I don’t believe the Earth is flat. That said, I find the plausibility of the Earth’s flatness to be greater than many of the conspiracy theories and outright lies that dominate our headlines. So, while Flat Earthers remain outliers, they’ve taken a few steps toward the intellectual center over the past few years (which, at least in their view of things, means a few steps away from the edge). So now is as good a time as any to examine what they believe and why. From The New Yorker’s Alan Burdick: Looking for Life on a Flat Earth. “The flat Earth is the post-truth landscape. As a group, its residents view themselves as staunch empiricists, their eyes wide open. The plane truth, they say, can be grasped in experiments that anyone can do at home.” (I tried a couple, but I must have made a rounding error…)

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