What to Rock: I love watching music festivals. I just don’t like the crowds, the standing, or the bathroom lines. In other words, I love when music festivals are streamed. This season of streamed festivals kicks off with BottleRock from Napa. The weekend’s lineup includes Muse, The Killers, and The Record Company.

+ What to Pledge: “Isn’t this cynical and transparent use of the stars and stripes to add to the bottom line a greater desecration of the flag than a backup quarerback expressing his frustration about a couple centuries of horrifically unequal treatment?” From me: A few quick thoughts on the NFL and the anthem that just might get you standing.

+ What to Read: This week, UK lawmakers backed the Magnitsky Act. To understand Putin and the Russian scandal, you have to understand this act and how Russia works. The best way to do that is to read Bill Browder’s excellent book, Red Notice.