Bottom of the News

“He answered their questions, telling them he occupies a bedroom in his parents’ home, doesn’t speak to them and isn’t ready to leave home. He said he had a business but wouldn’t elaborate. ‘My business is my business,’ he said.” AP: Parents go to court to boot 30-year-old son from home. (Luckily, I was able to wear my parents down by the time I turned 40.)

+ “She has made herself vulnerable. She has taken the risk of adapting her comedy to a more mature and genuine worldview, and so the obvious question here is: Can she pull it off? Or does being a better person make you a worse comic?” GQ: Sarah Silverman Is the Troll Slayer.

+ “A federal judge in New York ruled Wednesday that President Trump may not block users from following his Twitter account because the social media platform is a ‘public forum’ protected by the First Amendment.” (This is why I’ll never run for office. Giving up my Twitter blocking privileges is a price higher than I’m willing to pay…)

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