Twenty-five years ago this week, the wildly popular sitcom Cheers aired its final episode. One of the mainstays of the show was when everyone in the bar would respond to the entrance of Norm Peterson by shouting, “Norm!” I have a theory that the whole country will chant the same refrain when norms return to the executive branch. But if the past few days are any indication, that theory may not be put to the test anytime soon. Revealing intelligence sources, hereby demanding information about an investigation into his own campaign, targeting Amazon’s bottom line because he doesn’t like the coverage from Bezos’ Washington Post … those are just a few examples norms being attacked at the core. WaPo: Here are the political norms that Trump violated in just the past week.

+ Maybe the most troubling of the week’s norm-busting moments was the Justice Department’s decision to share some classified documents in reaction to Trump’s claim that his campaign may have been infiltrated by the FBI source for political purposes. “That could be viewed as something of a concession from the Justice Department, which had been reluctant to turn over materials on the source to GOP lawmakers demanding them. But it also could be a bureaucratic maneuver to buy time and shield actual documents.” (Either way, it’s dangerous.)

+ “Not only was Trump violating the rule that Presidents don’t get involved in individual criminal investigations, he was targeting a probe that involved him, several of his family members, and many of his closest colleagues.” The New Yorker: Trump’s Assault on American Governance Just Crossed a Threshold.

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