Mobile Payments

“The sea change has taken place over the last few years as mobile devices become an integral tool not just for communication with loved ones or employers, but also everything from banking to dating to watching TV and listening to music. As cars grow relatively less important, borrowers struggling to pay back their loans on time are increasingly prioritizing payments on the latest iPhone instead of making sure they hold on to their pickup or coupe.” Bloomberg: Americans are Prioritizing Phone Payments Over Car Loans. (We prioritize our phones over our friends and family, so it would be a little sad if we didn’t prioritize them over our cars too…)

+ The one thing that can compete with our phones is our coffee. And it turns out the two worlds collide. “Tech giants Google, Apple, and Samsung are racing to become the mobile-payment platform of choice worldwide. But for now, the king of the category is a coffee company: Starbucks.”

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