Singapore Some Sugar on Me

“We want to thank Kim Jong Un. I really think he wants to do something … and bring his country into the real world. I really think we have a very good chance of doing something very meaningful.” So said President Trump as he welcomed home three American detainees freed from North Korea.

+ The freeing the detainees is the latest step towards the much anticipated (and until recently, highly unlikely) meeting between two men who have infamously referred to each other as Little Rocket Man and Mentally Deranged US Dotard. And that meeting now has a time and place. June 12th in Singapore. In keeping with very recent tradition, the meeting details were shared first on Twitter, and with an exclamation point. “We will both try to make it a very special moment for World Peace!”

+ “Some security analysts had been concerned North Korea may not have a plane capable of flying to a distant location.” That and other reasons why Singapore makes sense.

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