The Migrate Depression

From the LA Times: “The crackdown, which took effect last week and will be formally announced later Monday, will mean that parents bringing children over the border illegally will likely be separated if caught.”

+ “The decline in illegal immigration has been a two-decade trend. Over that time, the number of Border Patrol apprehensions along the southern border has dropped by about 80 percent, from 1.6 million in 2000 to 300,000 in 2017 … From 2009 to 2014, 1 million Mexicans and their families (including children born in the United States) went back to their home country, while 870,000 arrived here.” Fareed Zakaria: Trump is manufacturing an immigration crisis. (Well, he did promise to bring manufacturing back…)

+ NPR: Mexico deploys a formidable deportation force near its own Southern border.

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