Everyone loves a good piece of experiential journalism. But Maria Konnikova’s experience has been going a little too well. So well, in fact, that her book is being delayed. Konnikova decided to learn to play poker in order to write a book on the topic. Then she started winning. Deadspin: Writer Picks Up Poker For Book Stunt, Wins So Much Money That The Book Is On Hold. Maria’s stories have been linked to from NextDraft many times over the years. Whenever she writes something, I’m all in.

+ Dr. Dre’s legal battle with gynecologist Dr. Drai comes to an end. (If this and Korean peace can be attained in the same era, anything is possible.)

+ “According to the Hindustan Times, this is the third “wild animal-related selfie death” in the Indian state of Odisha in the past year. The other two incidents involved wild elephants.”