Feel Good Friday

“Hunger is not a scarcity issue. There’s more than enough food. It’s actually a logistics issue.” FastCo: This App Delivers Leftover Food To The Hungry, Instead Of To The Trash.

+ WaPo: These teens saw how poor mental health hurt their peers. So they got a law passed.

+ “Increased drought, deforestation and intensive farming methods are turning an area half the size of Britain into desert each year.” So this tech comes as welcome news. BBC: The innovation turning desert sand into farmland.

+ HuffPo: 8 Feel-Good Stories Of Strangers Helping Someone They Didn’t Know.

+ Ex-stripper inherits $223,000 from former customer with whom she’d had an everlasting friendship. (The feel good part of this is that Michael Cohen was in no way involved in the transaction…)

+ And since it’s May the Fourth Be With You Day, here are 60 facts about the Star Wars universe.

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