“The last five or ten times I’ve bought their vanilla…it just doesn’t taste the same–it’s icier and milkier, not creamy and dense like it used to be.” Quartz: Obsessive Fans Were Right — Häagen Dazs Did Tweak Their Vanilla Recipe.

+ “XRStudio is a futuristic studio space providing mentorship, collaboration and equipment for 30 women to develop work in machine learning and mixed reality in San Francisco from May to August 2018.” A very cool opportunity from my most excellent sponsors at Mozilla. Learn more here

+ NYT: Retired NBA Coach Don Nelson Talks Playoffs, Poker and, Uh, Weed. (In other words, the same topics as everyone else talks about…)

+ Yale University Votes to Rescind Bill Cosby’s Honorary Degree. (Bold move…)

+ AP: Man robs same bank day after release from prison.