Fence Posts

“The caravan started with about 1,200 to 1,500 people and on Sunday about 40 presented themselves at San Ysidro in the United States to ask for asylum, citing violence and political oppression. As of Sunday evening, the US border authorities had still not allowed them to apply for asylum.” From Buzzfeed: A group of 50 people are waiting to enter the port of San Ysidro, at the US–Mexico border near California (and thanks to all the rhetoric and tweeting on the topic, the whole world is watching…)

+ “I was threatened by gangs after refusing to sell drugs for them. They threatened my stepdad and then they killed him. I left on Aug. 8 by myself” … “A few days before leaving Honduras the gang told me that if my kid wanted to play outside I had to pay them. That’s when I decided, No, that’s not how my kids are going to live” … “I lived in a red zone, so every two weeks I had to pay MS-13 $100. I didn’t have that kind of money, but if I didn’t pay them I knew what would happen … I didn’t even tell my family I was leaving because there wasn’t enough time when I left.” 18 Members Of The Caravan Explain Why They Fled Their Homes. (If we’re going to have a constructive debate about immigration policies, it’s worth reminding ourselves who these folks really are…)

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