Weekend Whats

What to Book: While I’m opening browser tabs with cable news on in the background, my wife is putting her time to wiser use by reading voraciously (often completing a book a day). Don’t miss her list of the Best Fiction of Spring 2018.

+ What to Read: “Let me give you a bit more perspective. The question of why Blac Chyna chose to use a Y in Chyna … that’s something about which my interest level is low, but still greater than zero. What Kanye Thinks of Trump is not.” From me: I Don’t Care What Kanye West Thinks About Donald Trump. (And it’s not for a lack of trying.)

+ What to Hear: About a year ago, I watched as Bishop Briggs completely stole the show at concert where she was the opening act. And now her album is finally out. Check out Church Of Scars from Bishop Briggs. (Fun fact: Bishop Briggs’ stage name is borrowed from her town of Bishopbriggs in Scotland. She needed a stage name because she shares a real name with another singer; Sarah McLaughlin.)

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