“When a man threatened to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge onto a major interstate in Detroit, Michigan early Tuesday morning, authorities quickly worked to find a way to keep him safe. The Michigan State Police said its troopers and local officers coordinated with several 18-wheeler drivers to line up under the overpass to prevent the man from injuring himself.”

+ “Just 200 years ago, 85% of the world population lived in extreme poverty. 20 years ago it was 29%. Today only 9% live in extreme poverty while the majority of people (75%) around the globe live in middle-income countries.” But wait, there’s more. 50 Ways The World is Getting Better.

+ “Me going through cancer, him being on the Phillies at that time and now the Dodgers and us crossing paths, statistically it’s almost impossible. It’s amazing.” As a boy with cancer, he met his MLB hero. Now they play for the same team

+ Mark Your Calendar. Danny DeVito Day Declared in Jersey.

+ And, ABBA Reunites. (I know, I know. I buried the lede.)