“Trump appeared to contradict earlier denials, saying Michael Cohen had represented him in a matter with Stormy Daniels, who has alleged an affair with the president. He defended Jackson, saying the allegations against him were false. He repeatedly threatened to intervene in the Justice Department, and accused former FBI Director James Comey of crimes. He appeared to endorse the popular vote over the Electoral College. He disclosed new details of talks with North Korea. For good measure, he complained about Hillary Clinton and the Democratic primary debates two years ago.” We’ve heard many reports of him yelling at his TV. Today, we got to listen in. Donald From DC Calls in to Fox & Friends.

+ “Let me tell you, Michael is in business, he is really a businessman, a fairly big business as I understand it. I don’t know his business but this doesn’t have to do with me.” 14 Things Trump Said on Fox & Friends.

+ Trump’s Fox & Friends interview is already creating legal problems.