Vetting Zoo

Trump’s White House doctor and pick to lead Veterans Affairs Ronny Jackson is still stuck in the Senate confirmation waiting room after a day in which his past behaviors were called into question. But as The New Yorker’s John Cassidy explains, the allegations that have emerged aren’t the point anyway: “Whatever comes of the allegations against Jackson, there is virtually nothing to suggest that he is a suitable choice to run a complex and vital federal department that employs more than three hundred and fifty thousand people, has an annual budget of close to two hundred billion dollars, and has a history of deep problems.” (If Ronny Jackson pulls out, I’m confident Trump’s dentist can do the job…)

+ “It would not only undermine 30 years of clean-air regulations, but radically restrict what science the agency is allowed to use.” Scott Pruitt is set to answer Congressional questions about his remarkable record of scandals. Meanwhile, he’s on a mission to completely transform the EPA.

+ HUD Secretary Ben Carson to poor Americans: The rent is too damn low.

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