Scoot Over

WaPo chimes in on the the electric scooters, that seemingly overnight, lined the sidewalks of several major cities. Electric scooters might revolutionize urban transport — if it wasn’t for stupid humans. “We’ve been riding motorized scooters around San Francisco to get a handle on all the fuss. What makes these upright rides different from children’s toys is their motors. They zip as fast as 15 mph, which can make getting around five times faster than walking — but also a hair-raising test of balance. You do, undoubtedly, look goofy riding one.” (I used to ride on of these during the first internet boom. I’m always ahead of the curve, even when it comes to looking like an idiot…)

+ “One current employee, who largely approves of the new leadership, said he also misses the adrenaline rush that came with working under Kalanick. At Khosrowshahi’s Uber, people go home for dinner.” CEO Dara Khosrowshahi is a champion of everything Uber once rejected: caution, discipline, and tact. The always great Jessi Hempel wonders whether he can help Uber recover from the Travis Kalanick era (while maintaining the amazing growth associated with that era).

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