“Nobody thinks Facebook, YouTube, and the like are going away. But now, it’s becoming clear that they can’t replace the whole internet either, as once seemed their destiny — and, indeed, that no executive in their right mind would want to swallow it whole. And so for the first time in years, there are viable new social networks being born on the margins, and the great questions have to do with what comes next.” Buzzfeed’s Ben Smith: What Comes After The Social Media Empires. (Something even more addictive that ultimately makes us feel even worse? Just a guess.)

+ For my son and all his friends, video games are the new social networks, and one in particular – Fortnite – has a lot of them relating to the kid in this story: Gamer Teen Unfazed by Tornado That Blew Roof Off Neighbor’s House. (I showed this article to my son and he thought the kid quit the game a bit too soon…)