Mark Week

WaPo’s Margaret Sullivan on Mark Zuckerberg’s first day of testimony: Members of Congress can’t possibly regulate Facebook. They don’t understand it. The House was a little tougher on Zuck. Here’s a rundown of day two.

+ At least he’s one of us. Zuckerberg says his personal data was sold to Cambridge Analytica. And he overshares too! Yesterday, he left his notes out during a break in the hearings.

+ “The Facebook property is worth about $650 million today, according to municipal records, accounting for nearly half of the entire town’s value. But only about 250 people work there, in a town with a population of 7,400. Forest City has more computer servers than people.” Facebook has a lot of data about you. And this is where they keep it.

+ As I mentioned yesterday, the privacy issue is important. But part of the reason you don’t care about these Facebook hearings is because you know it’s not the real tech issue we have to worry about. Facebook could disappear tomorrow and we’d just build a new toy we couldn’t put down. A junkie doesn’t quit because one dealer gets busted. So Let’s Talk About The Real Technology Problem.

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