“Raiding lawyers’ offices isn’t unheard of—but is generally used for lawyers who work with alleged members of organized crime, or for lawyers who are involved themselves in elaborate criminal schemes.” The Daily Beast on the highly unusual and largely unexpected FBI raid on Michael Cohen that has everyone in Washington talking (and at least one, Tweeting).

+ Rod Rosenstein personally signed off on the raid. Here’s the NYT on what the agents were looking for.

+ The president argued once again that this is all part of a “witch hunt.” The fact that the feds greenlit a raid on a personal lawyer suggests exactly the opposite: “Whatever evidence federal prosecutors have collected concerning Michael Cohen, President Trump’s longtime attorney, it is most likely extraordinarily strong.” The Atlantic: Michael Cohen Has a Big Problem.

+ The president also tweeted that “Attorney-client privilege is dead!” The truth is that it may not apply here. “If a client is using a lawyer’s services for the purpose of engaging in crime or fraud, there is no privilege.”

+ Surround by military leaders and with his armed crossed, the president explained that the raid on Cohen is “an attack on our country, in a true sense. It’s an attack on what we all stand for.” David Graham on Trump’s assault on the rule of law.

+ WaPo: Trump’s tirade after the Michael Cohen raid, annotated.