Just Pruitt already. That’s the way many political observers must be feeling as they wait to see whether the trickle of damaging stories about EPA head Scott Pruitt will add to a constant stream of administration firings. The Pruitt story is in many ways the story of the administration. He was assigned to lead a department with values he holds in contempt. He’s been at the center of a series of corruption scandals. And as calls for his firing (including those from the White House Chief of Staff) reach a fevered pitch, a newly independent-minded president continues to resist. According to President Trump, Pruitt is doing a great job but is TOTALLY under siege?

+ “There were … questions raised about a request that Mr. Pruitt be issued a bulletproof sport utility vehicle with so-called run flat tires, which keep a vehicle moving even when sustaining gunfire. And … Mr. Pruitt’s expanded security detail of approximately 20 members.” Pruitt has made some strange travel and security requests since taking the helm at the EPA (a bullet-proof desk?). Just don’t confront him about them, or you could be gone. NYT: Officials Sidelined After Questioning Scott Pruitt.