Steam Punks

“We do not want kids using our products. Our product is not only not for kids, it’s not for non-nicotine users.” So says Ashley Gould, the chief administrative officer of Juul, a popular e-cigarette. Their website makes the same claim. But at schools around the country, that brand of vapes has “become so ubiquitous students have turned Juul into a verb. Tasting like fruit or mint, these devices produce little telltale plume, making it possible for some students to vape even in class.” So one would forgive school administrators for accusing Juul and other flavored e-cigarette vendors of blowing smoke up their assemblies. Will the growing problem be a passing fad that’s little more than a nuisance or will it become full-fledged public health crisis? The products are still so new, researchers can’t be sure. From the NYT, I Can’t Stop: Schools Struggle With Vaping Explosion.

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