Weekend Whats

What to Doc: Whether you were a big fan or not, you definitely want to watch Judd Apatow’s documentary on his friend and mentor Garry Shandling. It’s a moving and deep look into the psychology of a complex guy. The fact that he happens to be funny and one of television’s most important innovators is an added benefit. It’s a two-parter on HBO: The Zen Diaries of Garry Shandling. Apatow really did his mentor proud.

+ What to Hear: “It’s like the Jewish 8 Mile.” During tonight’s Passover seder, millions of Jews will recount the story of the Israelites who, after crossing the Red Sea and trekking for 40 years in the desert, finally made it to the promised land. If one continues that story through 1980, it would include the remaking of The Jazz Singer starring Neil Diamond. The fine folks behind the How Did This Get Made? podcast present a fun conversation about an odd (and oddly enjoyable) movie … which you should also watch.

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