Let’s talk about your stuff. You have too much of it. You know that. But you don’t want to get rid of it. The internet offers you many ways to sell it. Disposal services are just a phone call away. But even though it’s quite likely that you’ll never see much of your stuff again — and that your offspring will one day be faced with the morbid task of milling through your stuff, ultimately putting most of it in the garbage where it always belonged — you feel the need to keep it all (and to pay a monthly fee for the privilege). Consider these numbers shared by Curbed: “One in 11 Americans pays an average of $91.14 per month to use self-storage, finding a place for the material overflow of the American dream. According to SpareFoot, a company that tracks the self-storage industry, the United States boasts more than 50,000 facilities and roughly 2.311 billion square feet of rentable space. In other words, the volume of self-storage units in the country could fill the Hoover Dam with old clothing, skis, and keepsakes more than 26 times.”

+ The one option not available to you is to bring your junk back home. There’s no room. Boston Globe: 40 years into the war on clutter, and we’re still overwhelmed by stuff.