Live sports are one of the few types of content during which people still sit through commercials. So you’d figure that the leader in sports broadcasting would be in a pretty safe position in the new media age. But that discounts the fact that nobody is in a pretty safe position in the new media age. Variety: Can a New President and Streaming Service Help ESPN Win Again? “ESPN has weathered any number of tempests in its nearly 40 years. But the perfect storm brewing in Bristol these days is bigger than any that Disney’s most valuable asset has ever faced.”

+ “Let’s say a game starts at 7:30 and they know they’re free for 15 minutes and interested in watching a portion of a live NBA game. It might not be a fair consumer proposition that a fan needs to pay $7 when they know they only have time to watch five or 10 minutes of a game.” Bloomberg: Turner Sports Service to Let Fans Buy Portions of NBA Games. (This model of watching sports seems sort of terrible. It also seems entirely likely.)

+ Few sports fans will settle for just watching 10 minutes of the Final Four. And that’s thanks to one team. This is how Loyola used information and skill — not luck — to reach the Final Four.