Charlie Warzel with a good overview of why this Facebook scandal is different from the others. “It’s a moment that forces us, collectively, to step back and think about what we sacrificed for a more convenient and connected world. And on an internet that feels increasingly toxic it’s hard to look at the tradeoffs we’ve made and feel like we’re getting a fair deal.” (The biggest winners in the Facebook scandal are all the other tech companies who aren’t getting lumped into the story, even though they should be.)

+ I touched upon another key reason the story is so big this time in my look at 20 Quick Thoughts About The Facebook Scandal: “Facebook is suffering from two converging trends. The building backlash against tech. And the existing rage against anything associated with the 2016 election. The CNN anchors might want to strap on their windbreakers. Storm’s a comin’…”

+ “These pubs don’t just open the kimonos of their readers. They bring people’s bare digital necks to vampires ravenous for the blood of personal data, all for the purpose of returning ‘interest-based’ advertising to those same people.” Doc Searls makes the point that many publications reporting on the abuse of your personal data are selling your personal data.