“With his technology background, Lazarus set up a computerized inventory system so from his desk he could see every product sold and what needed to be restocked. ‘I think Toys ‘R’ Us is a unique operation — the only proprietary merchandise company that rivals IBM as revolutionary in concept,” a retail analyst told The Post in 1982. ‘Their superb controls and information systems are unrivaled in the industry.'” Time finally caught up with a toy empire once ahead of its time. WaPo: Toys R Us: The birth — and bust — of a retail empire.

+ At first glance, it might look like Toys ‘R’ Us is the victim of Amazon and online retailing. But that’s only part of the story. Bloomberg: Toys ‘R’ Us Is a How-Not-To Guide for the Retail Business.

+ Usually, by the time a company like this decides to shut down all its stores, those stores are no longer doing much business. But Toys ‘R’ Us is still major player in toy sales, and thus, these store closings will have a major ripple effect.