“To his left and right, giant screens projecting government actuarial tables reminded the group of the ‘projected year of our termination.’ Men of Faloon’s age could expect to die in 2037. Any 83-year-old women in the room? They’ve got until only 2026. ‘Take that initiative,’ Faloon urged his audience of about 120 people who had flown in from as far as California, Scotland, and Spain. How? Paying to participate in a soon-to-launch clinical trial testing transfusions of young blood ‘offers the greatest potential for everyone in this room to add a lot of healthy years to their life.'” Stat’s Rebecca Robbins takes you inside a society gala to sell young-blood transfusions to baby boomers desperate to cheat death. (With the pace of the news these days, I’ll need a few quarts of young blood just to make it through this edition…)