This is a Company Town

Taking a flight. Renting a car. Sending a package. Hailing a car. Watching a movie. Buying insurance. It may not seem like it, but all of these things are political acts. Among other things, Donald Trump is a values clarifier. His presidency forces people to choose sides. Everything is political. That’s true for individuals. And, as we’ve seen with the corporate reaction to the NRA in the wake of Parkland, it’s increasingly true for corporations. From Derek Thompson in The Atlantic: The politicization of the public sphere is compelling nonpartisan companies to take one partisan stand after another. “Uber is not an immigration firm. Disney is not a climate-advocacy organization. Merck is not a civil-rights group. But under Trump, they have completed their development into activists on the issues of migration, carbon emissions, and white racism anyway. Trump’s language often forces companies to take sides in political debates, and his unpopularity makes it safe—even necessary—to side against him.” The rise of corporate influence in public discourse is either great news or terrible news depending on whether or not you agree with the corporation.

+ Georgia’s Lt. Gov. threatens to kill tax break for Delta Air Lines amid NRA spat.

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