“While their Canadian neighbors have long revered the game of roaring rocks and feverish sweeping, Americans have generally derided the sport as a bit dull. But that’s changing.” Just admit it. You’re learning to love curling.

+ “They stood shoulder to shoulder at the finish line, the Colombian Sebastian Uprimny, the Tongan Pita Taufatofua, the Moroccan Samir Azzimani, and the Portuguese Kequyen Lam, as one last man made his way toward 116th place.” WaPo: Thirty-six minutes after the gold medal was won, the Olympics happened.

+ The Atlantic on Akwasi Frimpong’s improbable journey to Olympic sledding—from a country without ice. Ghana’s Skeleton Hero.

+ The Ringer: Winners and Losers From Week 1 of the 2018 Winter Olympics.