These days, we’re used to people inventing alternative facts. But usually, beneath all the hubbub, there is a known reality. Such is not the case when it comes to what ProPublica calls The Mystery of the Havana Embassy. A sound (at least it might have been a sound) did some kind of damage to the brains of American diplomats in Cuba. Beyond that, there are a lot of questions. “Even in a realm where secrets abound, the Havana incidents are a remarkable mystery. After nearly a year of investigation that has drawn on intelligence, defense and technology expertise from across the U.S. government, the FBI has been unable to determine who might have attacked the diplomats or how. Nor has the bureau ruled out the possibility that at least some of the Americans weren’t attacked at all. Officials who have been briefed on the inquiry described it as having made strikingly little progress in answering the basic questions of the case, with frustrated FBI agents reporting that they are running out of rocks to overturn.”