Five Ring Circus

For some daredevils, the 2018 stock market isn’t action-packed enough. So they luge. This is how a thrill-seeking personality helps Olympic athletes.

+ Here are ten moments from Pyeongchang’s opening ceremonies, and a lot of photos from the event.

+ The biggest news from the Olympics so far as been the historic handshake. And the most awkward news was Mike Pence sitting a few feet away from Kim Jong-un’s Sister.

+ Two sisters are playing hockey for two different countries.

+ “If your child needs help remembering their goals and dreams at times when they lose focus, that could be a sign that they have lost their passion or enthusiasm for the sport.” How to Parent an Olympic Athlete. (That’s easy. My daughter’s third grade basketball team has been outscored about 130 to 9 this season. Try parenting your way out of that!)

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