Maybe it’s because the internet industry successfully transformed Casual Fridays into Casual Always. Maybe it’s because the cost of some clothing has dropped in recent years. Maybe it’s because millennials are more interested in experiences (and artisanally-crafted beards) than they are in enhancing their wardrobe. Whatever it is, the past few decades have not been trending in the right direction for apparel makers. “In 1977, clothing accounted for 6.2 percent of U.S. household spending, according to government statistics. Four decades later, it’s plummeted to half that.” (Don’t blame me. I’m wearing pretty much the same outfit right now as I wore in 1977.) From Bloomberg: The Death of Clothing.

+ We wear them so many places these days, it’s easy to forget that sneakers used to be for sports. Today, athleisure has overtaken athletics in the sneaker industry.