President Trump attacked “Little” Adam Schiff as “one of the biggest liars and leakers in Washington” (Editor’s note: He’s not.) and praised Devin Nunes as “a man of tremendous courage and grit, [who] may someday be recognized as a Great American Hero for what he has exposed and what he has had to endure!” (Editor’s note: He won’t.) What’s all the tweeting about? The Nunes memo and the counter memo the Dems want released. Pushing an alternate memo might be a mistake. I don’t think the Nunes memo is a precursor to firing Mueller. It’s part of a plan to provide cover to Trump and those who defend him in Congress and in the right wing media once the Mueller findings go public. So if you’re debating the merits of the contents of the memo, it’s a win for those who released it. The goal isn’t to convince you of a single truth. It’s to flood the airwaves so you don’t know what to believe.

+ Trump attacked the British health care system. They didn’t like that.

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