What to Pod: You know that Bose has long been a leader in the headphone and audio space. But I bet you didn’t know that most of the company is owned by M.I.T. Here’s the story in a short, interesting podcast from Twenty Thousand Hertz: The Gift.

+ What to Hear: My friend RD (who proofs many of these blurbs long before they hit your inbox) and I have been seeing John Hiatt perform for decades (at this point, we call our concert outings NextDraft Offsites). And he’s been great every time, including earlier this week at SF’s Masonic Theater. I’m in so deep, it’s hard to know where to tell you to start. Try the album Bring the Family to get things going. His biggest hits are the oft-covered Have a Little Faith in Me (what the hell else could you want from a singer/songwriter?) and Thing Called Love. And check out this version of Riding with the King with current tour bandmate Sonny Landreth (maybe the slidiest guitarist who’s ever played).

+ What to Read: “Stewart Resnick is the biggest farmer in the United States, a fact he has tried to keep hidden while he has shaped what we eat, transformed California’s landscape, and ruled entire towns. But the one thing he can’t control is what he’s most dependent on — water.” From Mark Arax in California Sunday Magazine, an epic look at California’s bounty, drought, and sinking land. A Kingdom From Dust.

+ What to Watch: You don’t need fresh powder to ski. As it turns out, you don’t even need snow. Just watch Candide Thovex in (amazing) action.