There’s a decent chance you didn’t watch the Grammy’s last night. The ratings were down, a lot. Those who tuned in saw Kendrick Lamar open the show with a powerful set that included Bono, the Edge, and Dave Chappelle interjecting with comments like this: “I just wanted to remind the audience that the only thing more frightening than watching a black man be honest in America is being an honest black man in America.”

+ One of the reasons why the ratings might be going down is that we all know we can watch the performances later. Vox has a list of the 9 best.

+ The show was all about politics, from immigrants to the Me Too movement. A lot of the winners were pretty safe picks.

+ Line of night went to Cardi B on the red carpet. When asked, “How are you?” She responded that she had butterflies in her stomach and her vagina. (I know the feeling…)

+ The Grammy’s had some good performances. But the one given by Chris Stapleton and Sturgill Simpson on SNL still managed to stand out over the weekend.