Bottom of the News

“That seminal moment of creating a weapon or tool is a crucial coming together. It is an event that signals a new dawn in human technical advancement.” In Nautilus, Alexander Langlands makes the case that the stick is an unsung hero of human evolution. (These days, speaking softly is even more unsung…)

+ “We’re always trying to figure out cool and interesting ways to get people talking about art, and this was one of them.” Google found the perfect way to get people into art. They used your own selfies as a gateway drug.

+ “Israeli authorities are searching for a British man who is missing in the Negev desert amid fears that he could be suffering from Jerusalem syndrome, a psychiatric condition whose sufferers believe they are prophets or other biblical figures.”

+ “Animal rights advocates and some scientists argue that lobsters and other crustaceans have sophisticated nervous systems and likely feel significant pain when boiled alive.” So as of March 1, you can no longer boil a lobster alive in Switzerland.

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