Feel Good Friday

Twitter as a tool of compassion? It seems unthinkable. But Sarah Silverman actually made it happen this week.

+ “Amid the face-freezing misery, one phenomenon that is a staple of winter has drawn greater attention in an era of prolific social media use: the frozen pond rescue.” The NYT with a collection of frozen pond rescues.

+ How about a blood test instead of a colonoscopy?

+ Someone just donated $100 million to Toronto’s Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, anonymously.

+ A Rockhurst senior who built a prosthetic arm for metro boy is now going to teach other kids how to do it too. And Paralympian Kate Gray caught a ball with a hand she doesn’t have.

+ BBC: Black pudding saves butcher trapped in freezer. (This is an interesting twist on one of the better episodes of the Brady Bunch.)

+ And I might link to this short video of the world’s smallest wild cat every day.

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