From the NYT: “The House of Representatives voted on Thursday to extend the National Security Agency’s warrantless surveillance program for six years with minimal changes, rejecting a yearslong effort by a bipartisan group of lawmakers to impose significant new privacy limits when it sweeps up Americans’ emails and other personal communications.” The extension of the law wasn’t particularly surprising. What was surprising was President Trump’s early morning tweet (made after watching a segment on Fox News) in which he “blew up the administration’s position for almost two hours.”

+ Here’s the big deal about Trump’s tweet against his administration’s policy: while such tweets are covered heavily in the media and obsessed over on Twitter, they are being largely ignored by policymakers. And Barry Ritholtz found a related trend when it comes to the president’s social media attacks on companies. The companies the president disparaged have done much better than those he favored.

+ Last June, President Trump said he would “100%” be questioned under oath if Bob Mueller has questions. This week, he said he doubts he’ll be asked and if he is, “I’ll see what happens.” Since it’s quite likely he’ll be asked and equally likely the request will lead to a conflict, it’s worth looking back at this WaPo article about the time Trump was questioned under oath. Trump: A True Story.

+ Jimmy Kimmel made a mini-documentary to mark the president’s pretty amazing milestone. Trump’s 2000 Lies.