For anyone who’s paying attention, it won’t come as a surprise that we’re in the early stages of a tech backlash; one that will grow into one of the top stories of 2018. It will be least surprising among those who work in the industry. Because when it comes to the growing concerns about our phone obsession, the call is coming from inside the house. As Eric Andrew-Gee explains in The Globe and Mail: “Nowhere is the dawning awareness of the problem with smartphones more acute than in the California idylls that created them. Last year, ex-employees of Google, Apple and Facebook, including former top executives, began raising the alarm about smartphones and social media apps, warning especially of their effects on children.” Your smartphone is making you stupid, antisocial and unhealthy. So why can’t you put it down? (Even titles of articles about putting your phone down can’t avoid headlines that draw you back in…)

+ Vanity Fair: Silicon Valley Is Having Its ‘Just Say No’ Moment.

+ The NYT’s Zeynep Tufekci on the microchip security flaw that welcomed us to 2018: “For an ordinary computer user, there is not much to panic about right now. Just keep your software updated so you receive the fixes … However, as a citizen of a world in which digital technology is increasingly integrated into all objects — not just phones but also cars, baby monitors and so on — it is past time to panic.”