An Eye for an I

“A goal of all of these interlocking efforts: to track where people are, what they are up to, what they believe and who they associate with — and ultimately even to assign them a single ‘social credit’ score based on whether the government and their fellow citizens consider them trustworthy.” Like many Americans, Chinese consumers are attracted to the conveniences afforded by facial recognition and other identifying technologies. But there’s a dark side. From WaPo: China’s Watchful Eye. “Surveillance technologies are giving the government a sense that it can finally achieve the level of control over people’s lives that it aspires to.”

+ Two people wrote a letter to Apple asking for more kid controls on their phones. Why is this news? The two people own a couple billion dollars worth of Apple stock.

+ While reading tech headlines, this one caught my eye: Google Assistant will unlock Schlage Sense deadbolts. (You know, because traditional deadbolts are so vulnerable and anything connected to the internet is completely safe…)

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