California, slow your roll. Just days after it became the latest state to legalize recreational marijuana, Attorney General — and notorious weed wacker — Jeff (Don’t Beauregard That Joint) Sessions has moved to blunt the movement by “rescinding an Obama-era federal policy that provided legal shelter for marijuana sales in states that have allowed recreational pot.” It’s unclear whether federal prosecutors will actually pursue cases, and that uncertainty leaves many dispensary owners feeling as paranoid as their customers. (Related: Anyone have an update on the plans to fight the opiate crisis?)

+ Most pot businesses already operate at the edge of legality because it’s so difficult to figure out where to deposit their (mostly cash) proceeds. “Not only does selling marijuana violate federal law; handling the proceeds of any marijuana transaction is considered to be money laundering. Very few banks are willing to bear that risk.” From the NYT Mag: Where Pot Entrepreneurs Go When the Banks Just Say No.

+ In other Justice Department news, they’re about to start looking into Hillary Clinton’s email server again.