This recently added section of good news must have been must-needed, because it’s quickly become one of NextDraft’s most popular features. Let’s start this final 2017 Feel Good Friday in an unlikely place: Jury Duty. “I’m away till Monday. I’m 54, a bachelor and it’s my first time in love.” Judge excuses man, 54, from jury duty after he confesses to being in love for the first time. (It actually might be harder to get out of jury duty than it is to find true love.)

+ Here are two videos that are amazing for different reasons: First, don’t miss the reaction of this 16 year-old when he finds out he got into Harvard. And, there’s no shortage of embarrassing ignorance on the internet. But this QandA performance by a Trump judicial nominee really stands out.

+ “People with the genetic condition cystic fibrosis (CF) are all told by their doctors not to meet each other. Any physical contact poses a serious cross infection risk.” But that didn’t stop this group of musicians from forming the choir that can never sing together.

+ How a former sharecropper in an SUV helped drive Doug Jones to victory in Alabama’s Black Belt.

+ Someone Used Wet String to Get a Broadband Internet Connection. (After the net neutrality decision, they’re figuring out how to give big companies a thick rope while indies will get a thread.)

+ Feel good by helping out a local paper make it when many others aren’t. The Bklyner needs some support.

+ At the risk of being repetitive, here’s a note from the office of redundancy and duplication.

+ Aah, it wasn’t all bad. Here are some hopeful images from 2017.

+ And let’s round things up with some animals: Behold, The Most Hilarious Wildlife Photos of 2017.

+ I’m heading away on a family trip, so that wraps up another year of NextDraft. See you after the new year. Have a great holiday. And, as always, thanks for reading.