Doug Jones Beats Darth Mall

Doug Jones narrowly beat out Roy Moore in what had to be the most closely watched Alabama senate race ever (the Iron Bowl got low ratings compared to this match-up). As you’d expect, we’re getting a whole lot of punditry and analysis about what this victory means going forward for Trumpism and the politics of hate. Nate Silver says, Republicans shouldn’t assume Roy Moore was an outlier. But before anyone gets too excited, I think it’s worth keeping this particularly unusual race in perspective. Roy Moore; an ill-informed, racist, misogynist, anti-gay, child molesting criminal who was shunned by many in his own party lost an election — and that was still considered an upset.

+ Here are five things we learned from Doug Jones’ victory in Alabama, five takeaways from Alabama’s startling special election, 7 lessons from the Democrats’ triumph in Alabama, and six takeaways from Doug Jones’s stunning win. That’s 23 learnings from a race that mostly taught us that grown men dating children is still frowned upon in some circles.

+ What has Roy Moore learned? Not much. He’s still refusing to concede the race. “What we’ve got to do is wait on God and let this process play out.” (As it turns out, God already chimed in…)

+ In terms of the demographics behind the voting pattern, Buzzfeed found a Twitter user who summed it up pretty well: “63 years since Rosa Parks got arrested in Montgomery and black women are still shutting down racist assholes in Alabama.” (Two-thirds of white women voted for Roy Moore.)

+ WaPo called it a lousy night for Republicans and a resounding defeat for Trump, and Politico says, Trump suffers ‘big black eye’ in Alabama. (We treat politics like sports because that’s how they’re covered…)

+ Finally, I think I might have buried the lede. Omarosa Is Out At The White House. (Now, I don’t even know if I want to watch next season…)

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