Each Friday, we’ll use this Bottom of the News space to share good, nice, sweet, fun, funny, and/or uplifting stories. So let’s get started in Canada, ground zero for positive news. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s made a formal apology to Canada’s LGBTQ Community. Plus, how a small gesture made at a Tim Horton’s drive-thru changed a couple lives.

+ You sent me a lot of feel good stories this week. Here are your two favorites: A 22-year-old and 81-year-old who became pals through playing Words With Friends just Met in real life. (One word: Perennials.) And the video of a guy rescuing a bunny from the SoCal fires.

+ Bloomberg: Millions Are Hounded for Debt They Don’t Owe. One Victim Fought Back, With a Vengeance.

+ “Now he’s popular. But he has not forgotten that first-grade feeling.” Meet the high schooler who makes sure nobody dines alone.

+ South Portland school bus driver battling cancer gets an uplifting surprise. It started with a school marching band and a convoy of 20 school buses.

+ $10,000 in Christmas layaway paid off at South Portland toy store.

+ “I’d like to give you a special little gift,” Santa said as he swiped his credit card for one family. Santa and his elf buy groceries for people throughout this Utah county.

+ NYT: A symphony breathes life into 400 broken school instruments.

+ An Australian lawmaker proposed during a same-sex marriage debate.

+ “With her strong will and her extravagance, she gave me happiness and the sparkle to believe that I could recover.” From the NYT: Taxi Therapy’ for Young Cancer Patients in Italy.

+ Need more good news? The maniacs from Cards Against Humanity just launched The Good News Podcast.