Bottom of the News

Last week’s NextDraft Good News Only Pre-Thanksgiving Extravaganza was a major hit. I received a many reader submissions and the edition got a ton of postive responses. Maybe we need to make a habit of sharing good news. Feel Good Fridays? If you missed the issue, don’t worry. It works just as well as a Good News Only Post-Thanksgiving Extravaganza.

+ Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are engaged. “The fifth in line to the throne will marry Ms Markle in spring 2018.”

+ According to Dictionary dot com, the word of the year is complicit. (I’m not sure I can go along with that…)

+ 12 Secrets of FedEx Delivery Drivers.

+ Chinese startups bought more bikes than they needed for the coming bike sharing boom. By a lot.

+ Only a few days left to score your new NextDraft shirt in time for the holidays.

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