Pastor Present?

“He’s totally well-known and extremely popular in Alabama.” Even though Roy Moore isn’t showing any signs of backing down, Mitch McConnell is floating the idea of having Jeff Sessions run as a write-in candidate (which would mean we’d need a new Attorney General which would mean, as a news aggregator, there’s a decent chance my head would explode…).

+ That letter with 50 pastors supporting Moore appears to have been recycled from a few months ago, before the scandal. But Moore still seems to have plenty of support from religious leaders.

+ If an adult dating a 14 year-old girl is bad, then isn’t marrying one worse? You might be surprised how the law answers that question: “Twenty-five states do not set a minimum age at which a person can get married, and eight more set it at an age lower than 16. Alaska and North Carolina, for example, set the age at 14. In New Hampshire it’s 13 for girls, 14 for boys.”

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