“Millennials, Generation X, Baby Boomers: These classifications are a failed way to categorize people. Perennials march to the beat of their own drum and find connections between themselves and the world around them, based on interest not age.” The Perennials movement is catching on all over the place. Courtesy of my wife Gina and the team at 7×7: Meet the 2017 Cast of Perennial Bay Area Innovators. (A really cool group, no matter where you’re from…)

+ There’s one thing that repeats itself every time I hit the NextDraft publish button. I’m always wearing something from Cotton Bureau, a site that has become my exclusive stop for T-shirts. They just launched their 2017 All The Tees holiday campaign. You can buy any shirt on the site (and there will be some new NextDraft ones in coming days).

+ Next month, the CompuServe forums will be shutting down. (Yes, that CompuServe…)

+ Speed Freaks: Meet the People Who Listen to Podcasts at Super-Fast Speeds.