Weekend Whats

What to Understand: You can now view both parts Frontline’s excellent series: Putins’ Revenge: the inside story of how Vladimir Putin came to see the United States as an enemy — and why he decided to target an American election. Related: Don’t miss Preet Bharara’s riveting and informative interview with Bill Browder — a guy who knows as much about Putin’s corruption as anyone (and is in very real danger because of that). To understand Putin and America, you have to understand the Magnitsky Act.

+ What to Read: “In June 2010, when the FBI swept up 10 suspected spies—living here under the direction of Vladimir Putin—the news was but a blip. Newspapers ran top-of-the-fold headlines, yes. Spasmodic cable news chyrons twitched at the bottom of our screens. But the details were met with something less like alarm and more like humor and nostalgia. Russian spies? Like in James Bond? Like Boris and Natasha?” Seattle Met: The Russian Spies Who Fooled Seattle.

+ What to Observe: “The male bird is the racer, and returning to the female provides his motivation.” NPR with a photo-heavy look at The Pigeon Racers Of Indonesia.

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